Health & Wellness Team Student Taskforce

We are seeking to fill positions on the Health & Wellness Team Student Taskforce, responsible for planning and leading healthy campus initiatives such as Heroes for Health and Unwind Your Mind. In preparation for this work, successful applicants will receive training in heath promotion strategies as well as leadership, assessment, project planning, implementation, evaluation, and partnership building. 

Positions on the Health & Wellness Team are paid.

We are looking for students who are:

  • Passionate and compassionate; 
  • Creative and resourceful; 
  • Motivated and self-directed 
  • Professional and reliable 
  • Can work independently and within a team.

Part-time & fulltime students from all faculties are welcome. Experience in health promotion, project management, design and communication is an asset, but not required. Attached are our program’s mission, philosophy, and information about being on the team. Please review the following to ensure that you are a good fit for our program.

Our Mission
Our mission is to catalyze and facilitate the adoption of health enhancing behaviors and attitudes.

Objectives 2014/2015
Contribute to making a healthier campus environment at the UofA:

  • Increase health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors among students about important student health issues 
  • Increase awareness on the campus community about students’ health needs & issues 
  • Build partnerships in health with other student groups and student services 
  • Stimulate a dialogue on campus about developing healthy campus policies 
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for students to become engaged on campus

Our Policy
We recognize that morality and health knowledge are both important aspects of making health decisions. However, because morality is very personal, we approach health education from a health standpoint only. As such, our program is pro-choice and a “safe space” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified and queer students. We encourage students to use his/her moral values in applying the health information that we offer through our program activities. Our Program will not be used for personal agendas.

Staff must feel comfortable working in a team and independently.

H&WT responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the planning, coordination, and implementation of campus wide events 
  • Support the development of promotional materials and communications 
  • Support the development of health education resources 
  • Assist in identifying and contacting potential partners on campus 
  • Presentations to stakeholders and partners on campus

Note: The Health & Wellness Team does not provide counseling


  • Current student at the UofA
  • Available to work 10 hours/week 
  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Attendance at a five-day training session at the end of August